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Restaurant funding made simple

Your restaurant could receive a capital injection of between £10,000 and £300,000 in unsecured, business funding through a, business cash advance.

Unlike traditional bank loans, our cash advances have  no fixed terms, hidden APR or fixed monthly payments.

You simply repay an agreed percentage of your credit and debit card sales, which means you only pay us back when your customers pay you.

Some examples of how our alternative restaurant funding has benefitted many business owners:
  • General working capital
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Refurbishments and expansions
  • Purchasing the lease on your premises
  • Purchasing equipment like walk-in freezers, coolers, ovens, grills or fryers.

Am I eligible for Restaurant financing?

To be eligible for a merchant cash advance we ask 2 simple questions:

Has your business been trading for a minimum of 6 months?


Does your businesses monthly credit and/ or debit card sales exceed £10,000?


You are eligible!

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How much capital does your business need?

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*Your application has no affect on your credit score 

About our restaurant funding

365 Business Finance offers unsecured cash advances for UK restaurants with no fixed terms, hidden APR or fixed monthly payments, letting you focus on running and expanding your business. 

A small percentage of your monthly debit and credit card transactions is used to repay your merchant cash advance. When your sales are down, your monthly payment goes down too, letting you avoid having to worry about cash flow constraints. 

Our finance is designed for restaurants of all types and sizes, from local eateries to fast-growing restaurant brands. Depending on your specific needs, you can use your merchant cash advance for:

  • Increasing your working capital, helping pay your suppliers, employees, partners and stay on top of your day-to-day operations. 
  • Expanding and developing your restaurant business by allowing you to open new locations, expand your existing location and promote your business. 
  • Refurbishing your existing location to help refresh your restaurant and bring in new customers.
  • Marketing and advertising, online promotions, traditional advertising and other methods of promoting your restaurant brand. 
  • Purchasing the lease on your premises, allowing you to own your restaurant location and focus on running your business. 
  • Purchasing new equipment for your restaurant, such as walk-in freezers, coolers, ovens, grills or fryers.

How our restaurant funding works

The restaurant industry is fiercely competitive. With the right funding partner, you’ll be able to get your restaurant started on the right foot, connect with your target customers and expand your business without any funding constraints.

Instead of offering a traditional bank loan, in which you pay back a specific amount every month, our restaurant funding allows you pay back your cash advance using a small percentage of your credit and debit card sales.

This means you don’t need to worry about things like fixed terms, hidden ARP or fixed monthly repayments. Instead, you can focus on using your funding effectively to run, develop and expand your restaurant business.

You’ll start by choosing the amount you’d like to borrow. We offer capital injections of between £10,000 and £300,000 in unsecured, business funding for UK restaurants and other food service businesses.

To qualify for a cash advance, your business will need to have been trading for six months or longer and process at least £10,000 in monthly credit and/or debit card sales. After submitting your application, your dedicated funding advisor will help you through the process.

Once approved, we will deposit a lump sum directly into your business bank account. After receiving your cash advance, a small percentage of your monthly credit and debit card sales will be used to repay your funding until the cash advance is repaid in full.

As we only take a fixed small percentage of your credit and debit card sales, you’ll be able to pay back more in the busier months and make lower payments when sales are down.

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