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Limited Company Loans: A Definition

Limited company loans are a type of financing designed for businesses that are registered as limited companies (Ltd) with Companies House. Different lenders offer a variety of limited company loans – suitable for all types of businesses, whether publicly or privately traded.

A limited company loan can help grow your business by boosting cash flow or financing new machinery and equipment.

How Can Limited Company Loans Help My Business?

Limited company loans can be used for any business purpose. As the loans are unsecured, you don’t need to worry about your assets being seized to recoup costs if you can’t meet repayments.

To qualify, traditional financing options often require detailed information on business finances, which can result in a long application process. Lenders will check if your business is registered with Companies House through your registration number and registered office address. Typically, traditional lenders like banks also require your business to have a good credit score to be able to offer you a limited company loan.

Our merchant cash advance is an alternative funding solution for limited companies registered in the UK. Unlike a bank loan, you don’t need a good credit score to access funds, and the application process is fast and straightforward.

How a Merchant Cash Advance Works with 365:

A merchant cash advance is a type of limited company loan. With no APRs, interest rates or fixed monthly payments, repayments are automatically deducted from a small percentage of your debit and credit card sales. Typically, we can fund up to a 100% of your average monthly card sales. This means that if you process £10,000 per month, then you can receive up to £10,000 in funding.

Advantages of Our Limited Company Finance Alternative

Obtaining capital can be difficult for small businesses with little to no credit history or a poor credit score. Limited company loans may also require hard credit checks or security to access funds. If your business defaults, then your assets might be seized and sold to repay the business loan.

A merchant cash advance is an ideal alternative to limited company loans. There are no hard credit checks, and you don’t need to provide business plans or security to receive funding.

We offer a fast and easy online application process, with a funding decision within 24 hours. As there are no APRs, interest rates or fixed monthly payments, repayments are made through a small percentage of your future credit and debit card sales. This means you only repay when customers pay you.

We also provide a dedicated relationship manager to assist you with your funding application. Get a non-binding quote today.

Do I Qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance with 365?

To apply for a limited company loan like a merchant cash advance, your business must fulfil two simple requirements: you must be trading for 6 months and process at least £10,000 per month in credit and debit card sales.

Your business doesn’t need to be a limited company to qualify for a merchant cash advance. However, as a limited company, a merchant cash advance may be the ideal finance option for you.

Am I eligible for LTD financing?

To be eligible for a merchant cash advance we ask 2 simple questions:

Has your business been trading for a minimum of 6 months?


Does your businesses monthly credit and/ or debit card sales exceed £10,000?


You are eligible!

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