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11 Tips For Managing Cash Flow

Small businesses run to tight budgets and managing cash flow can be crucial. Follow these 11 tips to stay on top on your company money.

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How Cash Advances Are Benefiting The UK’s Small Business Owners

This is an article shared via the Daily Telegraph which looks at the many benefits to cash advances for small business owners in the UK.

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How To Use A Business Cash Advance To Refurbish Your Hotel

Unsecured cash advance are fantastic for refurbishing your hotel, here we look at the many ways in which that money can dramatically improve your establishment.

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How To Boost Pub Sales This Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and it's time for businesses to start taking advantage of the holidays. Here we talk about how to boost your sales this winter.

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5 Reasons Why Our Unsecured Cash Advances Are Helping Businesses Across The UK

Reason #1- It’s a cash-flow friendly alternative to bank loans 

With our advances, repayments are tied to your business’ performance. So while a bank loan demands that you make your monthly or annual repayments regardless of how your business is performing, our Merchant Cash Advances are only repaid when you make sales to your customers (you ...

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