Recovery Road: A timeline of the British High Street

The timeline serves to provide a visual depiction of a changing high street against the backdrop of recent media coverage of store closures.

The timeline lists 46 retailers; some old, some new - all at some point in time are or have been a household name. They have been grouped into five categories according to their concluding circumstance: ‘buy out’, ‘ceased trading’, ‘restructuring’, ‘clicks-to-bricks’ and ‘offline-online partnerships’. The list is by no means exhaustive, but through it we see how the landscape of the high street has changed over a 10-year period. As the timeline progresses we also see new retail players have made their mark on the high street with new business models and new concepts.

Navigate through Recovery Road by scrolling or using the up and down arrow keys, to read each retailer’s story.

See charts below:

British high street retailer which have gone bust (2007-2019)


Internet sales as a percentage of  total retail sales

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