Financing for Hotel Renovations

Hotel financing is a tricky subject for some hoteliers to approach, as loans can put pressure on a business. However, planning finances and understanding funding options can make a huge difference to a hotel and in-particular any major one-off costs, such as renovations.

Renovations Needed?

Profit margins are everything to hotels and the leisure industry and ensuring a hotel is exceeds the expectations of guests is a minimum standard needed to succeed. Over time parts of a hotel will become naturally worn and what is a lick of paint here and there, or the fixing of a bed, can also become a complete room renovation or installation of a new bar. Signs that renovations are afoot are the consistent increases in small and odd-jobs being carried out across the building, comments from customers and overall wear and tear being more apparent across the business.

Funding for Hotels

Funding for hotels or hotel loans can be sought in several ways – and however funding is sought, it should match the needs of a business. Dependant on needs, the application of funding will vary – in essence, a merchant cash advance will allow for a set fee to pay for the loan, with monthly repayments changing dependant on the income within a business. It always advisable to have business plans and a route for the business at hand. This again will speed up a hotel loan application process and ensure long-term that a business can receive the funding it is looking for.

Managing the Profit

The next phase of this turns the renovations into a profit. Where possible, reduce the budget on the renovations, manage the building and market the changes in the hotel. Further, understand the needs of guests before opting to spend money on features which may not be essential.  

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