What are SMEs doing to become more sustainable?

As part of our series on the SMEs and the environment we decided to ask a number small and medium sized businesses the approach they were taking to adopting green practices.

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29 Environment Stats that Business Cannot Ignore

As part of our series on business and the environment, we've curated the most concerning stats on the environment which businesses cannot ignore. We’ve categorised them into waste, energy, and SMEs and have presented them in the colourful graphics below.


1. 126,000 people work in renewable energy Industry  (Source)

2. With a 100 ...

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How Cash Advances Are Benefiting The UK’s Small Business Owners

This is an article shared via the Daily Telegraph which looks at the many benefits to cash advances for small business owners in the UK.

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Thinking About Business Growth

The end of the year brings with it reviews, planning and goals for the upcoming period – whether it be Q1, six month periods or year-long goals. Within this,

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2017: Leisure Industry Predictions

While the full impact of Brexit is yet to be felt, we do know Article 50 will be triggered by the end of March 2017 and that this is likely to send shockwaves through core industries in the UK. As a business cash advance lender, we work across many of these key industries, one of…

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2017: Trends in Banking

Brexit, financial policy, interest rate changes and increases in demand for alternatives to bank loans are all on the banking agenda in 2017 – so what are we

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Recruitment - Finding and Retaining Reliable Staff

Recruiting new members of staff to your business isn't always plain sailing. So here is a guide on how to find and retain reliable members of staff.

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Applying for a Cash Advance

Getting funding for a business is a challenge, whether it be ensuring your business meets strict requirements or simply have the time to fill out lengthy applications and go through vetting processes. However, business funding such as a business cash advance can have a huge positive impact on your business and planning efficiently for such ...

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7 Tips For Dealing With Difficult Diners

Ensure you deal with customer complaints in your restaurant or cafe quickly and efficiently with these 7 handy tips.

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How do you apply for a Cash Advance?

It has become a relatively well-known fact that getting a safe and reasonable loan for your business is not exactly easy. In fact, that would be putting it

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Merchant Cash Advance:

The flexible alternative to bank loans

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How do you apply for a Merchant Cash Advance?

How do you apply for a Merchant Cash Advance?

There are quick, easy and safe business finance solutions out there to take the pressure off your cash flow, such as an unsecured merchant cash advance.

Understanding Your Loan Options

Understanding Your Loan Options

A few simple steps, such as a Business cash advance, could be the perfect way to secure capital funding for your business.

Merchant cash advance - the payday loan alternative

Merchant cash advance - the payday loan alternative

Thinking about getting a payday loan? Check out our alternative business funding solutions first.

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