Get up to £100,000 to grow your business with our simple, flexible business cash advance.

Business Cash Advances

Our business cash advances are a great way to raise from £5,000 to £100,000 for your business today. Repayments are flexible and based on your card sales. That means you only repay when you make sales to your customers. So when sales are down, repayments are lower, it’s as simple as that.

  • Simple application 
  • 90% Approval rate
  • Flexible repayments based on card sales
  • No security or business plans required

How to Obtain a Business Cash Advance

Quite simply, our alternatives to bank loans are available through an online application. All we ask is that you are an established business for a minimum of three years, with income of £5,000 per month.

What are the terms of a Business Cash Advance?

Our business cash advances have no fixed terms, APR, or fixed monthly payments.

All advances are paid back via an agreed percentage of credit and debit card sales, meaning you only pay us back when your customers pay you. This removes the risk of a quiet month impacting on your repayments, as your payments will decrease along with income.

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Advantages of our Business Cash Advances

  • One simple all-inclusive cost.
  • Simple application process. 90% approval rate.
  • Get your funds in days.
  • No security or business plans required.
  • No fixed term or fixed monthly payments.
  • Pay us back when you sell to your customers.
  • Dedicated relationship manager to support you.
  • No admin fees, no APR’s, no hidden extras.

See the difference between our Business Cash Advances and a Bank Loan

3 Steps to Growing Your Business

Step one

1. Apply in

Use your future credit and debit card
sales to raise funds for your business

Step two

2. Get your funds in days

You’ll receive the lump sum directly into your bank account to use on any business requirement.

Step three

3. Watch your business grow

You repay a small  portion of your credit/debit card sales. Repayments are  automatically processed and hassle-free.

How it Works

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