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Florist funding made simple

Florist owners across the UK could receive an unsecured cash advance of up to £300,000 today, with no hidden APR, fixed terms or repayment.

You simply repay an agreed percentage of your credit and debit card sales, which means that you only pay us back when your customers pay you.

Examples of how florists and gift shop owners have utilised our cash advances to develop and expand:
  • Refurbishing the store
  • Purchasing delivery vans
  • Marketing and advertising
  • General working capital needs
  • Bulk purchasing to take advantage of discounts
  • Purchasing of stock ahead of busy seasonal periods.

Am I eligible for Florist And Gift Shop financing?

To be eligible for a merchant cash advance we ask 2 simple questions:

Has your business been trading for a minimum of 6 months?


Does your businesses monthly credit and/ or debit card sales exceed £10,000?


You are eligible!

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How much capital does your business need?

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£ 50,000 - £100,000Most popular

*Your application has no affect on your credit score 

About our florist shop funding

Designed specifically with the needs of florists in mind, our merchant cash advance service lets you access between £10,000 and £300,000 to run your business, purchase inventory or finance improvements.

Instead of burdening you with a fixed loan term and fixed monthly repayments, you’ll pay back your cash advance through a small, agreed upon percentage of your florist shop’s credit and debit card sales.

There’s also no hidden APR or other common loan drawbacks, making it easy for you to access the cash you need to run your business without any unwanted headaches. Using your merchant cash advance, you can:

  • Increase your working capital to pay your employees and invoices without any impact on your business’s cash flow.

  • Market and advertise your business to increase foot traffic, attract more customers and make more sales.

  • Refurbish your shop to enhance your space, display more stock and create a better experience for customers.

  • Purchase stock in bulk to expand your flower selection, strengthen your business and improve your profit margin.

  • Purchase stock ahead of busy seasonal periods.

  • Buy delivery vans to increase your service area and provide online or phone orders, giving your business an additional source of revenue.

How our florist shop funding works

Our florist shop funding is designed to provide your business with the cash it needs to operate and thrive, all without the downsides of a conventional loan. From purchasing stock to boosting your working capital, you can use it to strengthen and improve your business.  

Depending on the size and needs of your business, you could access from £10,000 to £300,000 in total financing.

Our merchant cash advances don’t come with a fixed term or fixed repayments like a traditional bank loan. Instead, we’ll take a small, agreed upon percentage of your shop’s credit and/or debit card sales until your merchant cash advance is fully repaid.

This means that you can repay more of your cash advance during busy, profitable months, while paying less when business is slow.

We offer florist shop financing for small and medium-sized florist businesses, with options to suit any type of business. With borrowing options from £10,000 to £300,000, applying for a merchant cash advance for your is a quick, simple process.

First, you’ll need to make sure your business is eligible. To qualify for funding, your business will need to process at least £10,000 in monthly credit and debit card transactions. You’ll also need to have been trading for at least six continuous months.

After receiving your application, we’ll assign you a dedicated funding advisor to answer any of your questions about the funding process. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive the entire cash advance as a lump sum in your business’s bank account.

When it’s time to repay, we’ll take a small, agreed upon percentage of your credit and debit card sales, letting you gradually repay your merchant cash advance without ever affecting your florist shop’s cash flow.

The end result is a flexible source of funding that lets you focus on growing your business, not worrying about cash flow.

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