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Dentist practice funding made simple

Our merchant cash advances have provided dentists  across the UK with a business cash injection of up to £300,000.

Unlike a traditional bank loan, there are no fixed terms or fixed monthly repayments.

You simply repay an agreed percentage of your credit and debit card sales, which means  you only pay us back when your customers pay you.

Some examples of how dentists and dental practices have utilised our cash advances:
  • Buying out a partner
  • Hiring and Staff training
  • Marketing and advertising
  • General working capital needs
  • Upgrading technology and purchasing equipment
  • Refurbishing, renovating and remodelling their practice.

Am I eligible for Dentist And Deltal Practice financing?

To be eligible for a merchant cash advance we ask 2 simple questions:

Has your business been trading for a minimum of 6 months?


Does your businesses monthly credit and/ or debit card sales exceed £10,000?


You are eligible!

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How much capital does your business need?

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*Your application has no affect on your credit score 

About our funding for dental practices

Our merchant cash advances are designed with the specific needs of small and medium-sized dental practices in mind.

Depending on your practice’s turnover, you can access from £10,000 all the way up to £300,000 in instant funding. With a flexible, business-friendly repayment system, you won’t ever need to worry about costly fixed monthly payments or hidden APR.

Whether you’d like to advertise and market your practice, purchase new equipment or expand your business, we’re here to help. After you’ve been approved for funding, you can use your merchant cash advance to:

  • Increase your working capital so that you can more easily pay your nurses and other key staff member, as well as suppliers and other third parties.

  • Buy out a partner or partners, increasing your share of your practice and giving you more control over the direction of the business.

  • Hire and train new staff to better deal with new customers, market your business and improve your service quality.

  • Purchase new equipment to increase the range of services you offer to patients and improve your quality of care.

  • Market and advertise your business to bring in new patients, maximise the value of your time and generate more revenue.

  • Refurbish or expand your practice to serve more customers, generate more revenue and increase the reach of your business.

How our dental practice funding works

From paying your staff to purchasing new equipment, your dental practice needs a consistent, predictable source of cash flow in order to operate effectively.

Designed to meet the specific needs of local dental practices, our dental business funding lets you quickly and easily access the cash you need to run and grow your business, all without the downsides of a conventional bank loan.

Depending on your needs and the turnover of your practice, you can borrow between £10,000 and £300,000 to run and improve your business.

Instead of paying back your loan via fixed monthly repayments, you’ll repay you cash advance using a small, agreed upon percentage of your monthly credit and debit card sales. This means that when business is good, you’ll pay more; when revenue is down, you’ll pay less.

The end result is simple, predictable financing that lets you focus on helping your patients and running your business, all without the usual headaches of a conventional small business bank loan or line of credit.

Our dental practice funding is available for small and mid-sized UK dental practices seeking a flexible source of financing.

We work with dental practices of all sizes, albeit with two eligibility restrictions. First, you’ll need to have been trading for at least six months in order to apply for funding. Second, your practice needs to process at least £10,000 worth of monthly transactions by credit or debit card.

After receiving your application, you’ll be assigned a dedicated funding advisor, who can answer your questions and provide insight about the funding process. After approval, you’ll receive your cash advance as a lump sum, deposited directly into your business’s bank account.

From here, you’ll repay your cash advance over time using a small, agreed upon percentage of your practice’s revenue. With no fixed monthly repayments or hidden APR, you’re free to focus on helping your patients and running your business instead of worrying about your cash flow.

This gives you the cash and flexibility you to grow your business, all without the disadvantages of a bank loan or other conventional form of small business financing.

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