Business funding for growth

Cash advances for small businesses.

  • No security or business plan is required
  • Business funding solution with no APR or fixed monthly payments 
  • 90% of small businesses are approved for an unsecured merchant cash advance
Alternative funding designed for small businesses

1. Use your debit and credit sales to raise unsecured finance for your small business.
2. Great funding options include receiving a lump sum directly into your business bank account.
3. Repay a small percentage of your cash advance each month, with the amount based on your credit and debit card sales.


Apply online in minutes

Use future credit and debit card sales to raise altnerative business funding for growth,  today.


Get your small business funding in days

Receive a lump sum directly into your bank account.


Watch your business grow

Repay your business cash advance via a small portion of your monthly credit/debit card transactions.

Small business growth funding

A small business processing £10,000 per month in credit and debit card sales, is eligible to receive £10,000 through an unsecured  business cash advance with 365. Featuring no APR, flexible repayments and terms.

Flexible finance for small businesses

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Only repay us when your customers pay you!

Unsecured cash advances

Are you a small UK business in need of alternative finance?

365 Business Finance ltd, official providers of the cash advance - an alternative business funding solution designed for small businesses. In the current economic climate, there's no shortage of available finance options, but a cash advance mirrors your cash flow with one upfront, fixed, all-inclusive cost upfront.

  • No hidden APR or fixed terms
  • No security or business plan required
  • 90% of small UK businesses approved
  • Small business funding approved within 24 hours
  • Flexible repayments based on credit and debit card sales

Small business funding

Securing alternative business finance can be tricky, but here at 365, we can provide your small business with unsecured funding of up to £200,000 with no hidden APR, flexible terms and repayments based on your monthly credit and debit card earnings.

Repayment rates on your cash advance depend entirely on your businesses monthly card takings – you only pay back based on what you’ve earned!

Choose a business funding for growth solution that is flexible and responsive to the cyclical challenges commonly faced by small businesses in the UK.

Am I Eligible For Small Business Funding?

  • Your business must be trading for a minimum of 6 months;
  • Minimum monthly credit and/or debit card sales of £5,000.

Flexible finance for small businesses

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Business funding: alternative to bank loans

Alternative finance solutions designed specifically for small businesses looking for funding of up to £200,000, featuring no APR, fixed-terms or repayments.

About 365

365 Business Finance ltd, providers of the merchant cash advance, an alternative business funding for growth solution, offering up to £200,000 in unsecured capital. Our finance products provide a fast and flexible lending alternative to traditional bank loans and overdrafts.


We will be your business cash advance partner and help you grow your business.


We will be your cash advance partner, providing you with a tailored, business funding for growth solution


We will be your business cash advance partner and help you grow your business.


Each small business funding application is assigned a senior business finance specialist.


We will be your business cash advance partner and help you grow your business.


We know how complicated funding for small businesses can be so respond efficiently and effectively to all enquiries.


We will be your business cash advance partner and help you grow your business.


Our small business funding solution features no hidden fees, fixed-terms or APR.


We will be your business cash advance partner and help you grow your business.


Your data is private and protected at all times.

Your funding could be in your account in 15 minutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions View All

Business funding in the UK can be a confusing market place and knowing where to go for your ideal funding solution, will take some of the pressure out of the process. It is important to understand the differences in the products available, as that will provide a starting position. Should you wish to go down the route of a bank loan, you could approach the high street banks by popping into a branch or doing an online search.

Alternatively, you could work with a financial advisor or a broker who could aggregate the products on the market and suggest the best funding solution. There are however alternative business funding solutions on the market and a thorough online search or a conversation with a broker will help you identify whether a merchant cash advance or traditional bank loan is most appropriate for your business requirements.

We understand that as business owners and entrepreneurs, your time is important and you need quick answers so that you can focus on your core business.

That’s why we've designed our merchant cash advance funding process to be fast, simple and hassle-free. We don’t require business plans or security for our alternative business funding, and your cash advance will be approved in under 24 hours. The processing of the repayments happens automatically so there is no disruption to your business.

The mechanics of business funding will be dependent on the source of the business funding, as different products will have varying repayment plans. In most cases the provision of business funding is for growth and as such the lender or firm advancing the cash sum will have its own terms of repayment.

In some cases where a business loan is the chosen product, the loan will need to be repaid over a fixed term, with an agreed APR or interest rate. In the case of some alternative business funding a business may receive a ​merchant cash advance​ in which case a percentage of credit and debit sales will be used to repay the advance. In all cases failure most business especially, smaller business will require funding for growth. To find out more on the range of alternative funding products available, read more here

The answer to the above will depend on the source of your business funding, or your chosen business funding solution. In some cases, a lender may require security and wish to look at your business plan. Some financial institutions will have a thorough look at your credit file and consider your credit history.

Should you choose to fund your business with a cash advance, very often no security or business plan is required, but credit history is considered. A cash advance will in most circumstances require you to be transacting with a credit or debit card terminal and be generating a minimum amount of revenue through these terminals.

Alternative business funding in the UK does exist for businesses with poor or bad credit history.  Small businesses who have previously had financial difficulty do have recourse to business funding sources but may be required to provide security or a business plan.

There are products on the market which differ from bank loans in that the repayments mirror sales and as such there are no associated APR or late payment fees. These alternative finance solutions known as unsecured cash advances, place far less pressure on cash flow and as such may be easier to procure than a bank loan.

An unsecured cash advance is a form of funding the growth of your business without the risk of having to provide security. An unsecured cash advance usually requires the business to be generating a minimum amount via credit and debit card terminals.

This type of funding mirrors the sales of the business and as such puts no pressure on cash flow, which in most cases means security will not be required. This alternative business funding solution is often preferred by small businesses in the UK, as business owners are personally not liable should the business fail.

Find out why small UK businesses are turning to

business cash advances, as a funding for growth option.

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