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Business Cash Advance

A fast and flexible way to raise funds for your business


column-1.1.png One clear, all-inclusive fee for duration of the merchant cash advance. No admin charges. No interest. No late fees.

column-1.2.png No Fixed term. Flexible repayment period depending on your sales (typically the advances are repaid in 5 to 10 months).

column-1.3.png Flexible repayment amount depending on your business performance (you repay a % of your card sales)

column-1.4.png No security required

column-1.5.png No Business plan required

column-1.6.png Approval Within 24 hours

column-1.7.png Funding is made Within Days


Bank Loans

Bank Loan requirements for funding are often onerous 


column-2.1.png Interest charged according to length of time loan is outstanding. Admin charges and late fees payable.

column-2.2.png Fixed repayment period

column-2.3.png Fixed repayments irrespective of underlying business performance

column-2.4.png In most cases security is required

column-2.5.png Business plan required always

column-2.6.png Approval normally takes weeks

column-2.7.png Funding usually takes weeks

Merchant Cash Advance:

The flexible alternative to bank loans

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