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Will Brexit Cause a Funding Gap

Interest rates, investments, jobs and tourism are all under the spotlight following the triggering of article 50, which will result in the UK leaving the European Union. Historically, the UK has always attracted foreign investment due to the strength of the market and potential returns created by a growing economy. However, the natural progression of…

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Business Cash Advance Questions & Answers

Why is there no APR on a business cash advance? Business cash advances are paid for with an agreed fee, repayments are then made through credit and debit card payments to a business – based on a percentage of income. This means that borrowers repayments fluctuate dependent on changes to a business.   Is a…

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Applying for a Merchant Cash Advance

Getting funding for a business is a challenge, whether it be ensuring your business meets strict requirements or simply have the time to fill out lengthy applications and go through vetting processes. However, business funding such as a merchant cash advance can have a huge positive impact on your business and planning efficiently for such…

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2017: Leisure Industry Predictions

While the full impact of Brexit is yet to be felt, we do know Article 50 will be triggered by the end of March 2017 and that this is likely to send shockwaves through core industries in the UK. As a merchant cash advance lender, we work across many of these key industries, one of…

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How do you apply for a Merchant Cash Advance?

It has become a relatively well-known fact that getting a safe and reasonable loan for your business is not exactly easy. In fact, that would be putting it lightly. It is undoubtedly a minefield of potential problems and something you do not want to be taking risks with – especially when the future of your…

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Thinking About Business Growth

The end of the year brings with it reviews, planning and goals for the upcoming period – whether it be Q1, six month periods or year-long goals. Within this, elements such as potential expansion, staff hires, client acquisition will be mentioned. Beyond this, other elements such as raising funds through a merchant cash advance or…

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