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What are SMEs doing to become more sustainable?

As part of our series on the SMEs and the environment we decided to ask a number small and medium sized businesses the approach they were taking to adopting green practices.

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29 Environment Stats that Business Cannot Ignore

As part of our series on business and the environment, we've curated the most concerning stats on the environment which businesses cannot ignore. We’ve categorised them into waste, energy, and SMEs and have presented them in the colourful graphics below.


1. 126,000 people work in renewable energy Industry  (Source)

2. With a 100 ...

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These are the British Businesses Adopting Green and Sustainable Practices

These are the British Businesses Adopting Green and Sustainable Practices

Sir David Attenborough’s call to arms on the last episode of Blue Planet II has been credited with the rise of the Blue Planet Effect; the oceans’ plastic problem as highlighted by the BBC show, resonated with viewers, politicians, and several newspapers carried the headline “Blue Planet viewers vow never to use disposable plastic again” ...

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