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How To Use A Business Cash Advance To Refurbish Your Hotel

Unsecured cash advance are fantastic for refurbishing your hotel, here we look at the many ways in which that money can dramatically improve your establishment.

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Selling Online: A Guide to Increasing Sales

Ecommerce is the fasted growing retail market in Europe and the North America. Forecasts suggest online sales in 2016-17 will increase a further 16% in key

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Applying for a Cash Advance

Getting funding for a business is a challenge, whether it be ensuring your business meets strict requirements or simply have the time to fill out lengthy applications and go through vetting processes. However, business funding such as a business cash advance can have a huge positive impact on your business and planning efficiently for such ...

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Hotel Industry to Continue Growth Despite Brexit

It might seem that the UK news is dominated heavily by the impending implications of the activation of Article 50, which will officially trigger Brexit.

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The Future of Small Business Lending

It's not a particularly difficult task to deduce the fact that there is no magical solution to cash-flow problems. Indeed, as my five-year-old sagely repeated

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What to Include in a Section 1 Statement (Written Particulars of Employment)

What needs to be included in your employee's employment particulars or section 1 statement.

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What Do The New Pension Laws Mean For You and Your Employees

It's time for small businesses to learn about pensions and the new pension laws. Find out what, when, how and what it'll cost.

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The Benefits of Taking Card Payments in a Small Business

Read All About the Advantages of Taking Card Payments in a Small Business. 365 Business Finance are Leading Providers of unsecured cash advances for small businesses in the UK.

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