Redefining Customer Experiences in the Home

Redefining Customer Experiences in the Home

In a world of local lockdowns, social distancing and economic uncertainty, how can businesses of all shapes and sizes adapt to change and think outside the box to maintain relevance?

As the changeable business climate forces SMEs to rethink the way they operate and search for new revenue streams, we’re delighted to hear about a small UK restaurant chain that has managed to find its groove amidst the chaos.

Six By Nico is home to six fine-dining restaurants with stunning venues in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester and Liverpool. The growing team of culinary creatives guarantee a dining experience with a twist — changing their six-course menu every six weeks to create immersive customer experiences or “stories”.

While nation-wide and local lockdowns have presented the UK restaurant chain with unprecedented challenges, their creative edge and unique take on contemporary dining have opened doors to an entirely new business venture.

So, let’s take a look at how Six By Nico has adapted to change and how they’re throwing the rule book out the window to redefine customer experiences in the home.


Home by Nico: Pivoting the Business Model 

As with all good innovations and creative projects, the restaurant chain didn’t shift their business overnight. Ever since the early days of the pandemic, the brains behind the entire operation, Nico Simeone, has kept an open ear to new opportunities and searched for alternative approaches to build resilience against change.

The first chapter of their ongoing COVID-19 recovery project began with the introduction of ‘Home by Nico’ which aims to capture the immersive experience their customers love in the comfort of their homes.

They’ve refined their menu to deliver an exquisite “four-course restaurant experience” that’s carefully curated and constantly evolves each month. Nico explains how he and his team have “travelled the globe to bring the very best in world cuisine” and provide the UK people with a taste of international cultures and cuisines from their kitchen tables.

As the pandemic continues to restrict opportunities for travel and lockdown laws cause an overwhelming sense of cabin fever, Home by Nico provides a long-overdue sense of freedom and adventure in these challenging times.

While most home delivery service ideas involve a level of compromise, we love Nico’s fresh approach and his ability to extract the same core values from the in-house restaurant experience — bringing them to life in a home environment.

(Home by Nico offers a wordly culinary experience in the comfort of your own home. Their current tasting menu is inspired by the city of Bangkok.)

HOME-X: Taking Doorstep Delivery to the Next Level

In true Six by Nico style, the pioneering restaurant chain didn’t stop there. While their newfound business model provides a sustainable and long-term solution for months to come, they’re determined to expand their offerings and make the most of their creative talent.

Nico and his team have gone back to the drawing board to think about what more they can do and how they can play to their strengths to support fellow business owners.

In the spirit of collaboration and building on the company’s passion for community, Six by Nico has developed HOME-X — a dedicated platform to connect customers with businesses that can deliver delicious food, the finest drink, and amazing artisan experiences to their doorsteps.


How to Create Good Customer Experiences: Redefining Consumption in the Home

To date, HOME-X has partnered with eight UK businesses — delivering everything from cheese boxes to extravagant eight-course vegan tasting menus.

HOME-X takes a proactive stance on a challenging situation by facilitating a collaborative effort between SMEs to negotiate new obstacles. With thousands of UK businesses struggling to justify additional expenditure on new business models and unable to deliver satisfactory customer experiences, HOME-X provides the perfect springboard to send them on their way.

Collating complimentary brands through a single platform and providing customers with an easy-to-use interface to explore a range of home-delivered services helps SMEs connect with customers and reduce barriers to entry in a new marketplace.

We love how HOME-X presents at-home experiences as something special and unique to provide customers with a much-needed sense of luxury in these unusual times. As more and more businesses pivot their services to adjust to the ‘new normal’, HOME-X will serve as a powerful hub to share their stories and provide a go-to destination for customers looking for unbeatable in-home experiences.


How to Build Customer Loyalty in Difficult Times

The important take-home from the launch of HOME-X in recent months is the idea of maintaining momentum and demonstrating a desire to serve customers — regardless of the circumstances.

(Devising new ways to offer your product and services to customers is key to maintaining relevance and customer loyalty.)

As the UK public continues to battle with the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, maintaining brand relevance and engaging with customers is vital to cement loyalty. While closing your doors and waiting for the storm to blow over might feel like the safest option in the short-term, Nico and his team have shown that it is possible to stare adversity in the face and offer customers something — even if that something takes your business in an entirely new direction.

Building customer loyalty is all about keeping your brand at the front of the customers’ minds and triggering positive associations. Try to think outside the box and devise new ways to provide value beyond your existing product or service offerings.

Whether it’s sending a monthly newsletter to distribute a ‘teaser campaign’ or using leftover stock to send complimentary Christmas gifts to loyal customers over the festive season, people appreciate small gestures that make them feel valued and understood.


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