The Future of Small Business Lending

It’s not a particularly difficult task to deduce the fact that there is no magical solution to cash-flow problems. Indeed, as my five-year-old sagely repeated this morning as his elder sister demanded more obviously branded trainers to impress her class-mates, money does not grow on trees. Not wanting to overstate the glaringly obvious, it perhaps should be reiterated, given the fact we are living in an age where more and more under-the-radar, ‘free money’ solutions are brandished in front of us. All of this weighed up against the fact that the recent financial climate of uncertainty sits heavily upon the shoulder of small business owners, and it can become a confusing, not to mention scary, situation to be in. How can you find a viable and legal merchant cash advance? Where should you begin looking?

Merchant Cash Lending

In recent years it has become increasingly rare for large banks to be involved in small business advance loans, especially given the tightened regulations which make it a time-consuming and expensive game to be involved in – and one that they tend to avoid in favour of larger and more profitable deals. However, it seems fairly obvious that a solution must be provided for small business cash-flow problems. Our communities rely on such ventures and the demand for a practical and fair method of cash-advance lending has become of utmost importance. The future does, however, look surprisingly bright for merchant loan issues. Companies such as 365 Business Finance Ltd, have come up with a truly fair and easy way in which you can solve your cash-flow problems -within minutes – without having any increased pressure or worry about variances in your cash flow.

Bank Loans

The uptake in bank loans seems to be reducing. Whether it be business owners do not want to put a business at risk due to costs, or that businesses are not being offered funding by banks due to low-interest rates and returns it remains to be seen. Those who are opting for bank lending also have a couple of options to consider, is a secured or unsecured loan with the best option? Should a business premises be used as collateral? And what happens if a payment cannot be made? A quick consultation with 365 Business Finance can lead to you having the cash you need in your bank account within a few days. The repayments simply come as a percentage of your credit and debit card sales – so, if your business slows, so do your repayments. Nothing has seemed particularly fair in the world of small business finance for some time – this, on the other hand, is a true revelation, and one that certainly should be looked into by all merchant business owners looking for a reasonable way to get a straight-forward and fair loan that is flexible to your business’ varying cash-flow.  

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