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The advantage of the merchant cash advance is that it is based on the volume of business that you do. The flexibility doesnt impound you to pay a fixed amount every month which varies according to the business.

- Germano, Restaurant Owner -

We used our merchant cash advance to refurbish, build a cocktail bar and redesign our brand identity. It's a brilliant idea and we'd definitely use 365 business finance again.

- Jess, Restaurant Owner -

We used the business funding we received to invest in more equipment to grow our business and take on more customers. The people at 365 cared and helped us achieve our goals, through unsecured funding. 

- Matt, Brewery Owner -

We've used the merchant cash advance to redecorate, create a bridal suite and upgrade the bathrooms. 365 has helped with our future business development plans.

- David, Hotel Owner -

Merchant Cash Advance:

The flexible alternative to bank loans

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